The ASEC Earthday Philosophy as seen through views of its founder and Executive Director, Frank Scura.... Take it Off!

Give the Earth a real vacation on Earthday

Earthday? What is Earthday? Who or what exactly is this holiday for? Is it for people or is it for the Earth? If it is for us humans then shouldn’t it be called something like "Human Earth Awareness Day," I am down for a holiday like that, then our buzzing around, gathering in large crowds and utilizing precious resources trying to get people to acknowledge the Earth as a living entity, that sustains all life and deserves respect on April 22nd would make more sense. But, if it is truly a holiday for the Earth (which is what the name has always implied to me), then we should all give the Earth break and, "Take it Off."

I admit it, I have been guilty of this for years but it has never sat well with me and now I am ready for a change. Just think about this for a moment, the way we currently view, participate in and experience Earthday seems a bit counter productive to me. A good analogy of our current behavior with regard to our Earthday celebrations would be the equivalent of having your 100th birthday approaching and your friends and family come to you and say, “there are 1000 of us that want to celebrate and honor you for your birthday, because we want to share our love and admiration for you”…. Then they say, “Can you please cook all of the food, decorate the ball room, cater the party, clean up the mess and buy yourself all of your presents?” Doesn’t sound like much of a holiday? Well that is what we are doing to our generous Planet that gives us everything and asks for very little in return. We go to festivals, we buy things, we take and impact just like every other day. So maybe you eat organic that day, or buy something eco but we know you can do better than that!

We invite you to join us in a collective effort to make Earthday a real holiday for the Earth. This doesn’t mean that you are a pagan Earth worshiper (and it doesn’t mean you aren’t); it is just about respecting and honoring the gift of life by showing gratitude for the Planet that sustains you. We encourage you to participate, invite your friends, and compete to see how lightly you can tread and how much you can give back. Have 0 impact that day by not driving, fasting or one of the many other suggestions we recommend. Have fun, go forth on foot, skateboard or bike and clean up beaches, plant trees, restore local watershed areas, participate in the thousands of ways there are to contribute to the betterment and goodness of life on Earth.

Your Friend,

Frank Scura

Fun things U can do & stuff not to do

Here are some suggestion for do’s and don’ts that will make your Earthday experience this April 22nd one
to remember.

Fun things 4 U 2 Do!
  • Plant trees or carbon sequestering plants (google carbon sequestering plants)
  • Have a zero waste day
  • Have a carbon positive day
  • Have a pollution free day
  • Have a toxin free day
  • Ride Your Bike
  • Go skateboarding
  • Walk
  • Jog
  • Run
  • Skate, bike walk, jog or run to the beach and go surfing
  • Fast, eat nothing (or at the very least eat organic, non-processed, GMO free, fresh non packaged foods and vegetarian if you can. We are not trying to talk you into being a vegetarian I promise, it's just that meat has a significantly greater impact on the earth than fruit or vegetables (it’s only for one day).
  • Pray, meditate and or do breathing exercises
  • Do some yoga, dance or other fun exercises that you don't have to drive to do
  • Restore your local watershed areas
  • Clean up your local beaches, parks, rivers and other natural habitat’s and wild life areas
  • Play with your kids, partner or friends
  • Learn about nature, gardening, primitive skills and other useful knowledge
  • Wipe your booty with leaves
  • Use a reusable beverage bottle
  • Recycle water to feed your plants or garden
  • Turn off the lights
  • Turn off your hot water heater
  • Have friends come over and sing, play games, have an intention or affirmation circle, get together and support each other)
  • Snuggle with someone you care about
  • Be kind, forgiving and supportive to others and to yourself
  • Just do what you can and feel good about it
  • Realize that you are amazing and capable of doing anything
  • Be happy

Don't do this stuff it's yucky, not fun!
  • Do not drive in any form of motorized transportation that requires fuel or produces emissions
  • Don't use a phone (landline or cell)
  • Don't use your computer
  • Don't use a copy machine
  • Don't use paper in any form
  • Don't use electricity, natural gas or other forms energy generating methods that require natural resources
  • Don't Eat Anything
  • Don't buy anything (be prepared)
  • Don't use a phone (landline or cell)
  • Don't use your computer
  • Don't use any appliances (including your coffee maker, microwave, washer, dryer, stove or anything else)
  • Don't wash your car
  • Don’t Clean with any cleaning products (what are you cleaning for anyway, take the day off)
  • Don’t use any resources of any kind
  • Don't get down on yourself for what you can't or are not doing
  • Do a judgement fast, don't judge anyone or anything (including yourself)
  • Don't be mean to anyone
  • Don't stress

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